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Completely static Slash content?

posted by CaptTofu on 09:02 AM August 14th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
lv writes "I'm looking to use slash to generate a news oriented web page. It'll have very low traffic and the updates will be infrequent. The problem is that I'm not in control of the webserver that serves the pages; my ISP won't allow arbitary cgi-code. I'd like to be able to use slash on my home machine to "submit" and prepare the pages and then push the HTML content to my ISP. My question is; can slash generate completely static HTML code, that is self contained, and that can be uploaded en-masse and served by my ISP?"
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  • If you have command line access to your ISP account, and you can get the slash site running on your machine, it should be relatively easy to use lwp-mirror or another mirroring tool to spider and mirror all the content from your slash site--and as far as the outside world (including a mirorring script) knows, your site is plain static HTML. You won't be able to use comments and stuff though.

    lwp-mirror is a command line program that comes with the LWP Perl library.

    global = useless
  • Sounds useful. The big stumbling block is that my ISP won't allow me to run any non-sanctioned CGI. i.e. nothing with .pl . And, of course, the DB will be on my home box, not at the ISP...

    From what I can see only index.shtml is a generated file and everything else uses .

    I'd probably only need the "Older Stuff" box, but even that will use a .pl. If I could generate boxes with absolute links to HTML files I'd be sorted.

  • I had exactly the same problem a couple of months ago because none of the ISPs would give me the access rights I needed to run slashcode or phpslash(at an affordable cost). I ended up creating my own engine and hosting provider to solve the problem.

    ASPslash is an engine similar to slashcode and PHPslash and although it is not as powerfull as slashcode it can do most of the stuff you need and it simply needs an access db to power it. More features are yet to come and the engine can be seen running at (a foreign site but the options are in english). I am not advertising my engine here, I know how frustrating it is to want to run a great engine(slashcode) and bump into expensive ISP packages or db restrictions.

    Hope I helped.