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Classified Ads Plugin?

posted by Krow on 05:00 AM April 9th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
Has anyone written or thought about writing an Open Source classified ads plugin for Slash? Or if not, are there any existing (Open Source) Perl CGI-based classifieds packages that might be good candidates for porting to the Slash environment?

Specifically I'd like to see such a system take advantage of the Slash user authentication methods, templates, site variables, and also support payment-for-placement (micropayments a-la PayPal, Verisign, et. al.).

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  • That I started. Its not finished. Your welcome to help. Grab it at the URL below. See it in action at MTB Madness [].
    lottadot []
    • Looks great, what's still not finished about it? i didnt try posting but it looks good from my end. Is there somewhere i can download what youve done so far to try it out?
  • Of all the plugin ideas, I think a classifieds system would add much practical value to many slash sites. I think it's something many people would use. Not being a developer, I'm afraid I can't offer anything more than encouragement and a vote of confidence, but I think lottadot [] has started something great [] that's definitely worth pursuing.