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Storing Variable Calues

posted by Krow on 10:15 PM March 9th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story

Another questions about template editing, but more specifically about grabbing everything in an existing site that you've optimized and converting that information into something you can use in a theme.

I've asked questions previously about templates and boxes (thanks to lottadot and tf23 (175) ), but now I'd be interested to find out if I can grab things like site variables and menu alterations and stuff like that from the database, and put them in a form that is convenient to install in a new site. My guess is that it'll be in the form of some sql queries that need to be run on initial installation (in the sql_prep and _dump files in the theme)?

Can anyone help me out? Is there an easy way to do it? If there isn't, why hasn't this been implemented?

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  • read the man page for mysql-dump.

    you can use it to dump specific variables/tables at will.

    personally, I wouldn't bother. themes are mostly cosmetic in nature.

    so you create your theme. you install-slashsite onto a test server w/ your theme. you change stuff at will.

    then you dump your templates back into your theme.
    as far as the vars you change, I would either

    a. keep track of them as you change them, and change the dump file in your theme to reflect
    b. use mysql-dump to dump specific tables (such as vars, blocks). then remove the block and var inserts from your theme's dump file. then add in your mysql-dump data to your theme.

    lottadot []