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Problems Linking with using Bender/Post

posted by Krow on 07:19 PM November 29th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Gary writes "I'be been trying hard to build slash-1.1.10-bender (since I need PostgresQL support). We run FreeBSD 4.0, Apache 1.3.12, mod_perl 1.24 and all the perl modules needed by the slashcode. When building Slash/Apache (or rather, when testing - the build seems to work, it is the dynamic link that fails), I get an error stating that perl_cmd_perl_TAKE1 (again, from memory ...) cannot be found. I have checked my libexec/apache/ - the function is defined in there (nm -a shows it as a 'T'). My worry is the /usr/lib/ might be used (this is the .so used by standard perl - remove this and perl itself breaks) - this is unrelated to the lbiexec/apache/ library except for the name. Could this be a problem? Or, as I read earlier, could it be a problem that we are running php? This has never stopped us running mod_perl in the past though ... Any help MUCH appreciated - I will after all be a PostgresQL bender beta tester .... Gary"

Sure you compiled mod_perl with EVERYTHING=1 and as a static compile against httpd?

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