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Rotating Polls

posted by Krow on 11:25 AM July 26th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Sandor writes "I got an interesting suggestion from one of my slash site (CKF Online) readers and figured you may be interested in this as a wishlist item; '...Can there be more than one poll on a page or can you rotate them?...' I don't think I would like to see more than one poll on a page but the rotating poll idea would be cool, say, a poll que that rotates the selected polls every x amount of page refreshes."
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  • I was very surprised that when I did a new poll it "overwrote" the old one. I expected some kind of poll rotation to be the norm. Another feature I want is to associate polls with topics, or with sections - but I can't. I can only associate polls with individual articles - not even two articles at a time!!!
    -- SF and Computing Book News
  • I want is to associate polls with topics, or with sections
    ya know... I see that there is a way to do this already but I think the problem is neither of us have figured it out. In sections mode there is a related poll but i don't see a poll in the sections as you would think. I am running 1.0.9 so maybe this is a bug that has been fixed. Does the poll in a section have to have a block?