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  • by Sandor (138) on Saturday April 07 2001, @09:59PM (#2217) Journal
    The experiences I've had so far with slashhosting have been very good. I deal with a few ISP's 'tech support' departments frequently and I have to say that the few posts here bashing these guys imho are unwarrented. Ryan knows the slash scripts pretty well and I have never had an issue that these guys didn't resolve within 24 hours. Try getting that kind of service with UUnet or Verio, won't happen. Every call I've made to the IM1 team has always been returned promtply and the gal they have answering the phone is very friendly. Of all the sites I work on/dev/maintain they are one of the better hosts.I guess Katz was right. Compliments will come by email and flames will show up on the message boards.