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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 08 2001, @08:51AM (#2045)
    I installed everything by the book and newer got any errors (all this Bundle::Slash and rest of the required :: stuff) - no errors

    Installed the ass bending Bender - all default values. - no errors

    Started up the apache (- no errors) and looked at the web page.

    Everything liked OK except no shtml pages (fag etc - missing)

    Logged in as admin and added a news story.

    I can see the damn thing under the list of news (admin) but the story I added newer shows up on front page.
    Somehow I can not delete the two default stories and the ones I added.

    Any help will be nice.
  • by pudge (6) on Thursday March 08 2001, @10:42AM (#2056) Homepage
    faq.shtml and about.shtml defaults will be in the next beta.

    There was a bug that prevented slashd from posting new stories; this is fixed in the next beta.