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  • by alakon (5293) on Wednesday July 23 2003, @09:07PM (#6081)
    Installing Slashcode is a NIGHTMARE. The documentation is TERRIBLE. Even the "idiot's guide" is hard compared to the Drupal or PHPnuke install. I will be running a webhosting service soon on a dedicated 1.5ghz server with 1gb of bandwidth. If you are interested, contact us at
  • we are able to provide slashcode hosting for you.... we've been running slashcode for over a year now, and can get your site up and running very quickly - the process takes less than than half an hour. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Our site is at OpenSourceHosting Thanks, Phil
  • We have 3 OC3 links from different backbone providers (Sprint, Genuity, and UUNet) and run our slash sites on a small cluster of Quad Xeon's with 4Gb of ram each running FreeBSD. We promise %99.5 uptime as a result.

    In a typical shared hosting environment, we charge $24.95/mo or less for this service. Dedicated server hosting is more of course, but the vast majority of the people out there don't need to start with a dedicated server. Grow it from the ultra reliable shared hosting package, and save yourself the extra money involved.

    Check us out at LRSE Hosting []


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  • by alexmc (524) on Monday July 28 2003, @05:02AM (#6104) Homepage
    I can help you install and set up slash and can arrange to look after the system. We don't do this normally but I have been runnning for years, and also run and all as slashcode based sites. Check out for more info about my firm.

    We are London, UK based, but of course can use US based hosts if required.
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