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  • by ryguy (644) on Friday March 16 2001, @01:54AM (#398)
    First off, if you had a valid complaint, you should have taken it up with us and not with the slash community. We have a phone number, ticketing system and email address. I personally sent your setup instructions to the email address that you specified twice as well as one that the automated system sent when the account was created. One of those times you were on the phone with me at which point we determined that there was a problem communicating between the mail servers. I will admit that the ticketing system is very flakey at times and that is why I have rewritten our current system in php and it is now in the testing phase. I was unaware that my last email was not recieved and I have yet to recieve any email from you. I am currently looking into why this might be. I know I send and recieve emails every day and you told me that you did as well.