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  • by maol (1592) <> on Thursday April 18 2002, @05:34AM (#4703) Homepage
    If it's good and already has some readers a site will get more visitors in no time.

    If no one is interested you should wonder why. Did you target the wrong people? Are there better sites covering the same topics?

    There's nothing special in advertising slash sites...

    For my own slash sites: I usually write a site for a specific goal. If that goal requires the use of slash I use slash, else something else. Given that I first try to find my readers and then implement the site it's not really difficult to start with some friends and interested users.
    Once you go live you can always send announcements to web news sites, news groups, mailing list, advertise in guest books, pay for ads. Just one rule: don't spend your time and money on people who don't want to read your site anyway.


    -- []: YAGSS - yet another German slash si