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  • by ryguy (644) on Thursday February 15 2001, @11:32AM (#185)
    "I phoned. They requested I email. I emailed - no response. I called again - "why no answer?" - "We'll get *right* back to you" -no response for two days" You phoned and we requested a ticket for it. I replied to the ticket (on the same day)and you did not recieve an email. I got a message to call you and called back the same day and did not get an answer or a place to leave a message. I think I did my due dilligance. I am sorry that we had communication problems but we pride ourselves in service. Also, we do not offer bender because it is beta code. We will probably be experimenting with it soon but I know that if we do offer bender and it is in beta, that it will be a big support headache. We do not upgrade slash sites anyway. If someone wants to upgrade thier site themselves we have no problem with this. I will setup all of the backend apache stuff for that as well, we just can not "support" it.