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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 17 2001, @08:18AM (#2282)
    I think a lot of people really don't understand what the GNU liscense really says. Technically, a software developers is under no obligation to provide the code to anyone who does not purchase the software. Since it is within the pruchasers rights to redistribute the code at no cost, most developers will give it away, but not all. Also, the copyright needs to be prominently displayed in the source code. Since the PHP source does not end up on the page, they are not in violation there. Finally, you only have to provide the source code if you are selling an executable. They are only providing the output of that executable. Assuming they are not selling the code to their web site, they don't need to provide the source, and then, they only need to provide the source to those that pruchase the software.