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  • by pudge (6) on Monday January 08 2001, @09:02AM (#724) Homepage
    There is a significant problem with allowing these characters in user names. That is, "chris" is the same as "çhris" as far as MySQL is concerned (try select "c" = "ç" and see).

    Another problem is, as you noted, that these names will not show up properly across all browsers. Character sets, different browsers, etc. ensure this.

    The first issue can be solved by doing something with the matchname field somehow (we would need to decide if we would even WANT there to be two nicknames, only differentiated by accent signs; so it is not just code problems, but functionality decisions to make). The second problem can be fixed by doing some character mapping to HTML entities. This is a pain in the butt, though; how do you know if someone typing in a certain character, if that character will be sent by the browser in the proper character set?

    The fact is that ASCII is the only way to be safe. That doesn't mean we can't do other character sets, just that they are far more prone to problems. It is something that is definitely worth doing, but it is not an easy problem, and it is one that would need to be approached carefully.