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  • Hi,

    I guess I don't completely understand the problem. Do we want to submit e-mails we receive from a mailing list as stories, or as discussions?

    Submitting the mails from mailing lists as stories should be trivial, but I think the problem is that when there is a discussion on a mailing list you don't want to see all messages in the thread as separate stories; you want to see all messages going as comments to the story (or discussion, if the first message in the thread was posted as a discussion.)

    So, the problem seems to be: how de we map incoming messages to an existing discussion or story? Perhaps we would need to use the "In-Reply-To:" field of incoming messages and map that to the parent id in the comments table? In this case the message ID should probably be stored somewhere in the DB, probably in the comments table.

    This particular feature would make Slash a very powerful system because it would allow to use a Slash site as archive for mailing lists.
    • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 19 2001, @11:17AM (#3700)
      yes, i think this would make slashcode the "killer app". its awesome as it is right now, but if it could integrate email lists! omg!

      check out for an existing perl email -> www solution. maybe it could be integrated into the slashcode?