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  • The fact that livejournal is already running is pretty irrelevant. The only thing it proves is that apache and perl are currently configured properly. You have a working web server. That's not a bad place to start really. Slash requires more third party modules than livejournal. This means it takes a little longer to get going, but some of us obviously think it's worth it. Yes, you can setup livejournal in one vhost and slash in another and they won't destroy each other. I haven't done this myself admittedly and I've never installed livejournal (though I have read their docs).
    • Yeah, that's what I figured. I just have no experiance with it personally.

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    • I did have to recompile mod_perl and apache (I like mod_perl compiled in statically) because not all the mod_perl options slash needs were activated. It wasn't too much of a pain though. I may pitch this to my college as an easy way to do campus news updates. Install may be what they'd consider a pain but the end result would be worth it.
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    • I discovered a slight problem last night. When you install slash, it writes a main file with httpd.conf directives in it. These directives are all global. At least one of them, "AddHandler perl-script .pl" I suspect, interferes with Livejournal. I moved all these global directives into a separate file and Included it into the site-specific conf file (inside the virtualhost section), then restarted httpd, and everything works perfectly. If you ever install LiveJournal, be careful of that! I may get up
      Windows--The biggest beta test ever conducted