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  • by Cyde (5552) on Thursday April 15 2004, @06:29PM (#6217)
    As to how to make slash easier to install, I can think of one thing that would definitely work - although it might be considered overkill. Distribute the proper versions of Apache, Slash, MySQL, and Perl altogether in a source distrobution - and a single "./configure; make; make install" it will all work. Granted, the downloads will be a lot bigger than just downloading Slash, but at least it would just work.

    As for my question ... I'm running my own slashcode site and I'm having problems with my RSS feed. It hasn't refreshed itself in almost a month (the headlines it contains aren't even on the main page any longer). I checked all of the refresh variables and they all seem to be set to their appropriate defaults - it's like portald is just never getting invoked at all. Any ideas? Thanks!
    • Haha, nevermind my question - in the time that I posted that comment it appears as if my RSS feed has been automatically updated! I supposed the intended behavior is that the RSS is only generated upon demand and then cached indefinitely ... the last time I viewed the RSS feed was nearly a month ago, and so it finally got around to updating the feed today when I started accessing it again.