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  • by brianm (1488) on Wednesday July 18 2001, @05:45PM (#2982)
    Firstly, some of the comments in response to this question have been totally immature and arrogant. You do yourselves and this application no justice by dismissing queries in this way. This post [] on Slashdot [] by Rob Malda supports this point of view. You would do well to read this.

    Open source applications such as this should be able to run on as many platforms as possible. They will be used far more widely if this is the case. Bear in mind many of us inside companies do not have the choice to run Linux. So instead of lying down and accepting the fact, many of us strive to make innovative tools such as Slash work on the equipment that is available to Win NT/2000 etc.

    Recently someone came close to getting a pre-'bender' version of Slash running on WinNT. In October 2000 there was a similar post [] here on Slashcode. His install procedure is here []. I would be interested in helping to get Slash 'bender' running on Win NT/2000 on Apache, Mysql and won't be easy but I think it's possible. At present I also run PHPNuke []. It's not as sophisticated as Slash, but it works pretty well. Give it a few more releases and...well who knows? As it uses PHP it's very easy to use on many platforms. I run it on WinNT/2000 with Apache and mod_php, and Mysql.

    Some other facts...

    mod_perl does work on Win...I also have it running on the machine mentioned above. A full build(version 0.7) of Apache 1.3.20, Perl 5.6.1 and mod_perl 1.25 is available here [] with lots of useful Perl and Apache modules pre-installed(this is documented on the mod_perl [] site). You could also use Activeperl and the mod_perl ppd here [].

    So come on guys, help us get this running on Win2000/NT