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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday February 13 2001, @10:08AM (#77)
    I am somewhat in the same boat as you. I got hosted through I'd give them a a fair rating, only because they have had very poor response time for answering technical questions, some not answered without a perpetual hounding. They have stifled my development by not offering much support. On the pro side however: the actual install, tools and other related stuff they offer is fairly good. They stil are not offering Bender (the new slash version).

    From what I understand, Bender requires a different server, since the orginal code and new code cannot co-exist? Maybe part of the problem?

    Maintaining a slash-site has not been too difficult, but does require work. No degree required really.

    I guess I'd sum it up to this:

    If all you want is a slash site - no customization other than minor graphics, getting hosted seems to be the way to go. The average computer geek can figure it out.

    If you need some customization in function or design, you may want to consider that comp-sci degree.

    Good luck.