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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 13 2001, @07:09PM (#403)
    I've been running a site off their servers for a couple months. Once I got everything working, it stayed that way. But, I definitely have to agree that they are less than timely on requests of any kind.

    Hell, it took me two weeks just to get the answers to my initial questions about their service.

    They probably think that since they are the only ones besides SlashHotel out there advertising slash support (that other link on here leads to something completely unrelated) they can do what they want.

    And dont bother with Rackspace. I have a dedicated server with them for my other sites. I tried setting up slash but had difficulty with their custom RedHat distro so asked for support (of course). After 2 months of tweaking, poking and breaking they told me if I even mentioned Slash to them they'd double my server rate...
    kinda ironic that they advertise on slashdot aint it?