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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday February 13 2001, @12:00PM (#155)
    I'm really not trying to poop all over slashhosting, as stated previously, I've been 100% happy with the service they provided - setting up the Slash VWS. They offer great tools to access the database, it's all packaged and ready to go! Well done, without question.

    I have been not happy with some technical service I've tried to get.

    I installed a perl script and had problems.

    I phoned. They requested I email.
    I emailed - no response.
    I called again - "why no answer?" - "We'll get *right* back to you"
    -no response for two days.

    E-mail again, finally a response "we responded already" (it got lost in the mail?)

    In any case, the response time to my question was not optimal. No, I don't expect "hand-holding", but a "simple " question (I know that is a loaded variable) should not take a week to respond.

    Also: why offer Bender.. hmmm

    Since it is the next generation of Slash, and slahshosting specializes in.. Slash hosting, it seems natural to offer it? It seems too important to ignore.

    I'm still developing my site, so a "BETA" program is not an issue, since I want to develop the site using the latest and greatest.