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  • I run a non-slash site ( []) but the same things apply nonetheless ;) I work insane ammounts on my site, finding alll the best PlayStation 2 news around, and posting 10 or more stories on my own every single day. I have posted nearly 1000 stories over the past few months, and guess what? I only get like 250 hits a day. I have not been succesful at all yet, but I can tell you, that you have to keep trying. It will probably take me another 2000 articles, and if we have not grown yet, then I will quit, but you need to work at it for awhile. Its hard today, especially with so many other sites around about everything, so you have to work very hard. Although I have not been really succesful, I do have one thing that I can say, and that is proof to my hard work, and that is that we have nearly 170 registered members, which is pretty good considering our daily hits (and we just only went up from 150 to 250 within the past few weeks). So just work hard... thats the best advice, oh yeah and ads and links do help.
    • I just opened up a (non-slash) new site, and have been getting ~1000+ hits per day. It's all about letting the right people know. The site is for a friends band. I got the band to link me from their website, went to a show and advertised to the fans, and finaly did the official announcement on the bands mailing list. Targeting your marketing is the single best thing you can do.

      Stephen L. Palmer

      • by slpalmer (70) <> on Wednesday April 24 2002, @03:07PM (#4743) Homepage
        I hate replying to myself, but I didn't think of this earlier.

        A lot depends on original content as well. If all you provide are links to content elsewhere, your viewers will come and go, leaving not much of a trace on your site. I'm not saying don't link elsewhere, this is a weblog after all. You just need to provide content local to your site as well. This could be essays, photo albums, journals, reviews, you name it. It all depends on your site.

        Stephen L. Palmer