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  • by Googly (4861) on Wednesday February 19 2003, @06:01PM (#5749)
    I'm talking to myself, but I've sort of overcome this issue - by simply ignoring the tests. Firstly, a couple of the modules were failing because I didn't use UNINST=1 (yes, I'm embarrassed).
    libapreq, however, staunchly refused to pass its tests. After much digging under the hood, I discovered it was due to some privilege problem with apache when libapreq was going through its tests. The test phase launchs httpd with a test httpd.conf file that it creates, and I'm getting forbidden errors when the test tries to execute the test .pl scripts.
    I've not been able to solve the privilege problem. I'm installing libapreq as root, and apache is being run as nobody/nogroup & all the files within the documentroot have nice open permissions rwxr-x-r-x for the test .pl scripts, and rw-r--r-- for everything else. In the end I just forced an install and hoped for the best.

    It seems to work.
  • by Googly (4861) on Wednesday February 19 2003, @06:07PM (#5750)
    I forgot to mention that I still get the errors & warnings that I posted in my original story when compiling Msql-Mysql-modules, but now the test passes and it installs itself despite the errors, now that I'm using UNINST=1.
    Which leaves me wondering about perl module tests - how come so many perl modules (almost all in my experience) fail so many tests, but are still regarded as a 'pass' and get installed ? Does that mean that some functionality will be missing when installed on my system ?
  • by tf23 (175) <> on Wednesday February 19 2003, @07:44PM (#5751) Homepage Journal
    I've always just forced the install, when needed.

    And I've (*knocks on wood*) never had any problems.

    lottadot []