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posted by Krow on 10:42 AM June 10th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Please indulge a beginner.
I currently have slashcode setup on a single domain with its own IP address ( for testing purposes. Here is my dilemma.
I am setting up a community similar to yahoo/geocities. It will be and the individual communities will be sub-domains of this domain ex;, etc
Residents of the communities will be set up as users ex;, etc.

Directory is: /home /newthoughtcommunity
I know that slash can be setup with virtual domains, but can sub domains have there own instance.
I need each community to have their own slash.
Also. When I set up a new instance of slash for a virtual domain, do I use the same database and administrator with a new virtual user when I run DBI::Password?
Thank you for any help you can offer
John Macuga

section as subdomain (2.2.5 based install)

posted by Krow on 09:44 AM June 6th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story

I have a slashcode version 2.2.5(*) based site under my command, for which an extension is planned, that would fit well in an isolated (isolate=1) section with a few modified templates put in the section-page (like header;etc;default).

I managed to configure a second virtual host that uses the same SlashVitualUser directive as the main-server with the sectionname as subdomain (, overriding the rootdir-variable using SlashSetVar and enforcing the section using SlashSetForm:

SlashSetVar rootdir //
SlashSetForm section etc

Everything works fine so far...
I just wondered if it is safe to use the same slash-site (db and all) within two virtual-hosts. And I wondered the more if there isn't an easier way to accomplish this.

As far as I understood mod_perl there shouldn't be any problem, but asking the masters seldom hurts but the professional pride...

* I did fix the released security-holes!.

kind regards

Translation Guide?

posted by Krow on 06:07 PM June 1st, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Is there any guide on how to translate slashcode (interface, at least the one seen by the users) to some other language?

Is the slashcode written so that can be easily translated to some other languages (UTF-8 not required) ?


Advice on setting up a new site

posted by Krow on 10:11 AM May 20th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I am trying to use Slash to set up an events-based discussion forum. Ideally I'd like it to be hosted by a turn-key hosting company with fairly punctual customer support. My internet connections are either behind a firewall or 56k modem, so speedy shell access is out of the question. Ideally the host would be friendly towards freedom of information and healthily disrespectful of authority (the site will NOT contain anything illegal, links or insight to anything illegal, but will be acting against the policy of a well-funded British institution whose ground-floor members support and are behind it). I would rather the host didn't drop me just because 'someone' asked them to. Who would you recommend for this?
I'd like to modify Slash slightly by arranging it around the date of the event, rather than the posting date. Would it be as simple as an extra data entry and changing a couple of lines of code, or would that go against everything Slash is designed to do?
Thanks for your help.

Request for BLOB/Image Modifications

posted by Krow on 05:27 PM May 11th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I'm really happy with how the BLOB support in slash is working. I can now add images and files, and I move the select level up so registered users can only access files. It's great.

I'd like to see how hard it would be to have Krow or someone add in placement tags for images. So you can "ALIGN=LEFT" or Right images and the like.


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