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Title    SuSE8.1 installation test failures for Mysql modul
Date    Wednesday February 19 2003, @04:50PM
Author    Krow

I have installed slash test sites on debian a few times before, but now I'm trying to install a permanent site on SuSE8.1 I'm having problems installing Bundle::Slash - MIME, Mysql modules & libapreq are all failing their tests. I'm installing Bundle::Slash within a perl shell. I'll concentrate on Mysql module here. I'm no perl expert (not even a perl beginner), but it seems to be a problem with in testing the Mysql module. At line 253 & 254, my build complains about these 2 lines with "Illegal character in prototype for main::ErrMsgF : @_ at t/ line 254" Here's the lines, what's wrong with them ? If they're wrong, how come they're in the bundle ? sub ErrMsg (@_) { print (@_); } sub ErrMsgF (@_) { printf (@_); } There's also a warning during the "perl Makefile.PL" phase about CAPI & PL_FILES which I don't understand either. " WARNING: CAPI is not a known parameter. WARNING: PL_FILES takes a hash reference not a array reference. Please inform the author. " Again, if the code is wrong, why is it bundled as a stable release ? I suspect that my problems are just a side effect of something else....can anyone out there point me in the right direction? I have a build log if anyone needs to see it. thanks!

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