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Title    Working Fine -- Twice...???
Date    Thursday March 08 2001, @07:39AM
Author    Krow

Dodger writes "Alright, this is really weird... First off, i will formally announce that I modified the installation location and so on to make SURE that I wasn't going to be overwriting existing production code for the existing sites. I set everything up in a staging area.

Mod_perl works fine. I have all the required stuff. The require on the was failing, but figuring it had its roots in the odd configuration stuff (which is a bit hard to trace at times) so I hardcoded it.

It failed again when different parts were apparently looking in different places, so I symlinked it.

It works, but it does so twice.

In I am printing join "<BR>", caller 1 to try to get some stack trace info -- nothing. It seems that the whole thing is quite simply -- for some odd reason -- running the whole deal through twice. main() is being called twice. The whole script, in fact, seems to be being run and piped to STDOUT twice. Everything is.

I'm lost on this one."


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