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Title    Topics problems fix?
Date    Monday June 18 2001, @07:02AM
Author    Krow

Anonymous Coward writes "I am in the process of configuring a Slash 2.0 site, and I notice a couple of issues that I also notice here on Slash Code - forgive me if this has been gone over before, because this is all a bit new to me

1) Go to http://slashcode/ - Note that there is no drop down for Topics! (note that if you look at a 1.x site, such as Slash Dot, there is a drop down list)

2)Go to the topics page here, and notice that it renders in two columns instead of rendering nicely into multiple columns.

Any ideas?"
I realized the topics one last week (this should be fixed in fry BTW). The other sounds like a template problem.

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