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Title    Making Slash Install Friendly?
Date    Tuesday March 23 2004, @09:50PM
Author    Cliff

Recently I was asked by a heavily trafficed website to investigate migrating their site to Slash. After downloading the latest codebase I'm reliving a lot of the installation frustrations experienced when I messed around with Slash over a year ago. I've installed lots of portals before like PhpBB, Nuke, MX-System etc. All of those installs were pain free. I'm writing to request that you guys simply the install process. How about some straight forward docs? I would suggest a list of required packages and then simple instructions how to get Slash working with Apache etc that comes with most distros.

Cliff adds: It's always a good thing when your software is fairly easy to install, but the problem with Slash is that it requires quite a few libraries and Perl modules to do its thing. Slash tries to simplify things as much as possible with CPAN bundles and the INSTALL file, but there's only so much the developers can do. Many times Apache+mod_perl will need to be compiled, and compiled properly, and this is where many Slash installs have problems -- the developers can't compile these things for you, so you end up having to do them, yourself.

Having said this, what ideas and suggestions do you have for the Slash developers? What things can they do now to simplify Slash installs. What things can they work on in the future to smooth over the pains installing Slash that you are experiencing, today?

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