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Title    Slash on Mac OS X - Undefined Symbols again
Date    Friday February 14 2003, @12:32PM
Author    Krow


I am fairly new to Mac OS X and Slash so please apologise any stupidities.

I've been trying to install Slash on Mac OS X for 2 days now and after resolving any Fink and firewall and Perl 5.8.0 issues am nearly there.

There's just this one tiny module that still has undefined Symbols: Apache::Slash::User:

> perl -MSlash::Apache::User
dyld: perl Undefined symbols:

I've tried deleting the directories in /Library/Perl and reinstalling Slash but to no avail. I installed Perl according to the HOWTO at Apple's and it seems to work fine, installing a slash site worked perfectly well, I just can't start neither apache nor slashd.

Any ideas?



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