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Asterax (4476)

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Journal of Asterax (4476)

Sunday February 15, 04

Beginning ideas...

12:57 AM

Now: Get approval.

  • Learn/attempt to learn Perl, Apache, mod_perl, Apache, MySQL
  • setup a test blog

Fall 2004/Spring 2005:

  • Find a PC to work with.
  • setup the Debian distribution
  • download slashcode v2.6
  • setup Perl
  • setup an Apache webserver on the Debian box
  • setup MySQL/mod_perl
  • setup slashcode
  • configure the layout of the website
  • include the content from the old school website
  • take up the purchase of indulgences from Kurt the Pope

If things work out...
- include the RAM page into the new school website
- setup accounts for the staff

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