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JavaDuke (3611)

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Journal of JavaDuke (3611)

Wednesday April 10, 02

Tick off 1.

01:59 AM
Not so hard in the end. Not sure what did it, but now I sit in front of a fully installed slash site that will never see the light of day.

In the end, I went back and ran "make test" on all the CPAN modules after it looked like the mysql module might have been broken. The DBIx module failed, so I rebuilt that too.

That and I meticulously re-read and followed the slash instructions. There is one thing missing from the slash documentation and that's the bit that the slash-installsite script prints at the end. I doubt it would have helped me much the first time, but I was going crazy trying to find the information that is printed out at the end of the install on the install page!!! 8)

I think I'll play with my site a bit before moving on to step 2...

Tuesday April 09, 02

In the beginning...

07:07 PM
I want to run slash on my domain which is hosted on a machine that runs a Zeus web server. Zeus doesn't have mod_perl, which is bad.

I posted a question here regarding that, hoping to get some information that might allow me to port slash to run on Zeus. As it turns out, it appears that there is a perl module that will solve this problem.

Instead of taking the big leap of trying to setup a system which I haven't done recently on an unsupported server, I thought I'd break it down into two steps:

  1. install and run slash on a Debian box with supported webserver
  2. install and run slash with a Zeus server using the fake Apache perl module(s)

I decided to install slash on one of my stable Debian boxes. In the process, I learned how to use CPAN the hard way, but I learned. After a lot of time trying to get it to even install I had finally succeeded in getting slash to make and install. But alas, slash won't run on stable due to the version of mysql (and probably other reasons I didn't bother to find out about...). At which point, I remember hearing Chris say at a presentation at a linux conference that he had to upgrade his Debian box to testing to get slash installed. D'oh!

I probably could have upgraded things on the stable box manually, but one of my New Year's resolutions was to not mess with package systems if at all possible. (I don't know how many times I've broken things by doing this in the past.) So, I've decided to install everything on my desktop box, since it is only for practice.

After a bit of work, it is all installed and setup, but it isn't working. Lot's of things didn't work the way they were claimed to in the install faq and in the end, the site looked horribly broke. So, I'm going to re-install from scratch (but not the CPAN stuff 8))...