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LNC (4529)

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Slash newbie.

Journal of LNC (4529)

Wednesday June 23, 04


07:14 PM

Ok, it's become obvious that I installed the wrong version of slash. I've got fry (2.2.6), and I need bender (2.3).

I'm trying to make the transition as gentle as possible, since I've got the site up and running for the most part. Also, I expect upgrading will fix some of the bugs I'm having difficulties with.

I've started modifying the database so that it contains all the tables and fields in tables that it'll need for 2.3. I only have a few more changes to make there before I move on.

Tuesday June 15, 04


11:07 AM

I'm finally getting the hang of slash, and keeping all of my edits in the .pl files and templates (instead of trying to mess with the perl modules).

The big stumbling block right now is that I can't figure out how to enable multiple topics. is doing it, but I can't find any reference to it anywhere else.


Wednesday December 17, 03

use "apachectl stop" and "apachectl startssl" NOT "restart"

12:36 AM
Ok, I'm editing the actual Slash perl modules (in /usr/local/lib/perl/site_perl/5.8.2/... ...Slash/ and .../i686_linux/Slash).

In order to get the changes to take place, you MUST must, must, must, must use

apachectl stop
apachectl startssl

NEVER never, never

apachectl restart

(because restart doesn't actually reload the perl modules).


Tuesday March 25, 03

template-tool really is easier

01:11 PM
Ok, I know all the documents say this, and the book says this, but somehow I just didn't believe it:

using the command line "template-tool" is vastly easier than trying to edit the templates via the interface.

Primarily, it's easier because I can be logged into my site as a user, not admin, and view it as the user.

Also, editing the templates with emacs makes me much happier than trying to edit them through the web interface. I can re-arrange the code however I like, and entering a [Tab] character is much less painful

(template-tool -u <virtual slash username> -s organisation\;misc\;default)


Friday February 07, 03

site in process

06:55 PM
I'm working on a site here (my test bed):

I've got a random picture on the front page, and I'm working on creating a Topics-like entity I'm calling "Subject".

My purpose here is to be able to assign a single story to more than one Subject.