LNC's Journal http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/ LNC's Slashcode Journal en-us Copyright 2004, OSTG - Open Source Technology Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2012-01-25T04:40:14+00:00 Me admins@slashcode.com Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 LNC's Journal http://images.slashcode.com/topics/topicslash.gif http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/ upgrading http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/369?from=rss <p>Ok, it's become obvious that I installed the wrong version of slash. I've got fry (2.2.6), and I need bender (2.3).</p><p>I'm trying to make the transition as gentle as possible, since I've got the site up and running for the most part. Also, I expect upgrading will fix some of the bugs I'm having difficulties with.</p><p>I've started modifying the database so that it contains all the tables and fields in tables that it'll need for 2.3. I only have a few more changes to make there before I move on.</p> LNC 2004-06-24T00:14:29+00:00 slash topics http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/365?from=rss <p>I'm finally getting the hang of slash, and keeping all of my edits in the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.pl files and templates (instead of trying to mess with the perl modules).</p><p>The big stumbling block right now is that I can't figure out how to enable multiple topics. slashdot.org is doing it, but I can't find any reference to it anywhere else.</p><p>*sigh*</p> LNC 2004-06-15T16:07:02+00:00 slash use "apachectl stop" and "apachectl startssl" NOT "restart" http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/327?from=rss Ok, I'm editing the actual Slash perl modules (in<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/usr/local/lib/perl/site_perl/5.8.2/...<nobr> <wbr></nobr>...Slash/ and<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.../i686_linux/Slash). <p> In order to get the changes to take place, you <b> <i>MUST</i> </b> must, must, must, must use </p><p> apachectl stop<br> apachectl startssl </p><p> <b> <i>NEVER</i> </b> never, never </p><p> apachectl restart </p><p> (because restart doesn't actually reload the perl modules). </p><p> *sigh*</p> LNC 2003-12-17T05:36:22+00:00 slash template-tool really is easier http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/257?from=rss Ok, I know all the documents say this, and the book says this, but somehow I just didn't believe it: <p> using the command line "template-tool" is <b>vastly</b> easier than trying to edit the templates via the interface. </p><p> Primarily, it's easier because I can be logged into my site as a <b>user</b>, not admin, and view it as the user. </p><p> Also, editing the templates with emacs makes me much happier than trying to edit them through the web interface. I can re-arrange the code however I like, and entering a [Tab] character is much less painful </p><p> (template-tool -u &lt;virtual slash username&gt; -s organisation\;misc\;default) </p><p> Wahoo!</p> LNC 2003-03-25T18:11:42+00:00 slash site in process http://www.slashcode.com/~LNC/journal/246?from=rss I'm working on a site here (my test bed): http://latin-0010.unm.edu/ <p> I've got a random picture on the front page, and I'm working on creating a Topics-like entity I'm calling "Subject". </p><p> My purpose here is to be able to assign a single story to more than one Subject.</p> LNC 2003-02-07T23:55:19+00:00 slash