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RiPe WiT d3cAy (5693)

RiPe WiT d3cAy
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Jabber: Huh?

Yo wassup, I'm CoCo, but don't be callin me loco, I'm sittin here chillin lika villain Bob Dylan and willin to do sum killin and im realin wit da feelin i cant ignore so come a lil closer now pretentious whore.. mwaha, what's up? I'm 5'10 180lbs 6pak (not lol) dark brown curly hair, chocolate brown eyes..(Whats not to like) I love to talk about anything, I play drums, listen to music (my life), write poetry, read poetry.. Astronomy rocks.. Emili, you do too! ^_^ If you have any questions.. just IM me on my AIM.. Lol, talk to you later folks.. Blah, SoRrY tO aNnOuNcE bUt DiS fReAkZ gOt 2 bOuNcE sO wIt An X aNd An O iM oUt LiKe WoAh!
Wednesday January 14, 04

Squadron of Random

04:26 PM
Yeah.. right, whatever. *Sigh* Hey, Felix, how are you? Sorry, it's been a while.. damnit. Amber was crying today, made me sad.. Wish I could do something, but it was better that Stephan broke up with her. My day.. was okay, I guess.. No, not really, it was shitty too... I left to go smoke with my friend in the morning, and then I came back about ten minutes before the bell so I could see Emili, never saw her so I just waited for class to start.. Well, before A3 I saw her talking with Miranda, and I was heading over to go say hi.. but she left, so I was all.. W/e.. Then I asked Miranda what happened, and she told me "Oh, well she says you're not talking to her" ..I didn't see her in the morning so I COULDN'T have talked to her.. god.. I tried to talk to her at lunch again, she just fucking ignored me... Fine, whatever.. If she wants to ignore me, then I'm just going to ignore her, I don't need headaches and heartaches, nor do I need to be played around with.. So yeah.. fuck it all.. I really don't give a shit anymore.. I'm just going to fucking kill myself within the next month.. Bye Felix..
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