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RiPe WiT d3cAy (5693)

RiPe WiT d3cAy
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Jabber: Huh?

Yo wassup, I'm CoCo, but don't be callin me loco, I'm sittin here chillin lika villain Bob Dylan and willin to do sum killin and im realin wit da feelin i cant ignore so come a lil closer now pretentious whore.. mwaha, what's up? I'm 5'10 180lbs 6pak (not lol) dark brown curly hair, chocolate brown eyes..(Whats not to like) I love to talk about anything, I play drums, listen to music (my life), write poetry, read poetry.. Astronomy rocks.. Emili, you do too! ^_^ If you have any questions.. just IM me on my AIM.. Lol, talk to you later folks.. Blah, SoRrY tO aNnOuNcE bUt DiS fReAkZ gOt 2 bOuNcE sO wIt An X aNd An O iM oUt LiKe WoAh!
Saturday January 17, 04

I guess this is it...

10:25 AM
Now it's a clan of uber monkeys.. *Shrugg* .. I guess this is it between her and I.. I don't want it to be, and I wish there was something I could do... *Silhouettes, Smile Empty Soul* This whole CD is depressing.. and it all reminds me of her, because she introduced me to them.. *Sigh* I miss her.. like hell, and I can't tell her how I feel, and it kills me, just looking at her and feeling this way.. I need to tell her.. someone.. I can't keep this all bottled inside of me.. I can feel myself slipping, Felix.. Help me, pal... I Hate feeling like I need to kill myself to get her attention. I hate feeling like I can't have anyone for me in my life. I do NOT need to feel this way at the age of 15.. I hate these fucking emotions that take over me, because then I can't control myself.. I'm fucking obsessed, aren't I? No.. I'm not, I just care for her that much.. I read Emili's updated profile, and I'm not sure if it's referring to me.. but if it is, then I guess she hates me now.. But is being nice and not telling me.. I DON'T want to fucking lose her.. I need her, right now especially, I don't want my mom, or anyone else helping me through this... just her.. Felix, fucking help me.. I'm going insane... And I can't even tell her how I feel.. And I want to SOOOO bad. I just want to tell her... I love you, still.. and I told you, I always will.. we may fight, but it doesn't mean I don't love you.. After we fight, all I want to do is run to you and cry on your shoulder, and just tell you how sorry I am for fucking up.. Not like anything happened, just.. to make up.. not forget about it.. but just.. keep going.. I don't want to lose you, Emili.. I love you.. Bye Felix...
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  • sometimes life puts us in the fuckin dump, just because we're different and make a few mistakes, but you can't really help it now can you??? there isn't any reason for you to feel like your want to kill me I know all about it i've had the same thing happen and have had to deal with it for 2yrs, but that desn't mean that I want to take the 18 years of life that I have and kill myself. You just always have to remember that no matter what happens it's not always your fault and that if he/she c