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Sandor (138)

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Journal of Sandor (138)

Thursday May 09, 02

Is there a +2 posting level?

09:58 PM

Just curious(though it seems noone reads this shit anyways...)

Anyone notice some people post at 3 instead of 2 on /. ?

Am I getting this straight or is it that one of the moderation messages doesn't actually display when someone is modded up?

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  • Of course no one reads your Journal, you use a very ugly theme for it :)

    You can adjust the bonus in vars I believe.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
    • hehe... ok, I'll pick a different one..

      On a more serious note though; been seeing a lot of (Score: 3) on /. and no reasons next to them. I don't think I changed anything on my /. account but I will check to see if that's my bad...