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Sandor (138)

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Journal of Sandor (138)

Friday May 16, 03

About to be yassed and slashed again...

07:45 PM
Slash Sites

Well, good news comes at the strangest of times and methods; I have been hired by a company to customize and run another slash based site. Once again it will be about martial arts(dunno if any of you ever checked out the old site) but this time will be different; the company has bank(as opposed to me paying for it) and has hired a number of prominent martial artists to write articles on a schedule. Real publishing deadlines and writers... I'm drooling already. I'll fill you in on more as things progress forwards from here. Probably about two weeks to a launch date.

Too cool. I hope this goes well. Expect to see me in irc with stupid newbie questions guys. You have been warned;)

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  • yeah I did rtfm... I bought the book right after it came out.
  • is it general martial arts, a specific art, or what? :) if it's taekwondo(tkd), be careful.. there's so many tkd organizations out there, you never know which one really has what it's claiming.
    • It is art specific. I can tell you it is not for the group/federation I ran the previous site for but if you are familiar with my previous posts you will know the art I am involved with. I can't say more than that at the moment due to an nda though it will say when I submit the yass for it.

      As for the arts in general you are right on with what you said. I have been in the martial arts professionally for 15 years and run into much of that. I know the people involved in this particular group and they are all