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XTaran (2697)

  slashcode at deuxchevaux dot org

Yet another computer science student... :-) Born 75, studying CS (major) and biology (minor) at the University of Saarland, Germany.

XTaran (2697)

Last Journal Entry

First bigger problems , Monday February 06, @09:27PM (0 comments)

I installed the actual stable MySQL binary distribution and had problems with Bundle::Slash, more specific with ...

XTaran's Comments

Subject Datestamp Replies Score
Re: sorry  *Saturday March 15 2003, @03:34PM  1
   attached to Misusing backSlash as Instant Messenger
Re:stories posted on /. from The Mysterious Future  *Thursday March 13 2003, @05:42AM  1
   attached to What is the Mysterious future and why did it show
Scientific Seminar/Conference Post-Processing  *Thursday September 27 2001, @09:14AM  1
   attached to Slash Usages
Escaping Bug?  *Monday September 24 2001, @04:49PM 1 1
   attached to Displaying the Slash version inside of a template?
Re: Not really.  *Saturday September 15 2001, @08:44PM  1
At least they seem working on that problem  *Friday September 14 2001, @01:59PM  1
   attached to Insecure Handling of Notes on Plastic
Re: One good idea  *Tuesday September 04 2001, @04:26PM  1
   attached to Some ideas for Slash
Re: JFYI: Initial point of failure  *Wednesday August 29 2001, @11:09AM  1
JFYI: Initial point of failure  *Tuesday August 14 2001, @02:33PM  1
Problem solved (was: Re: Upgrade to latest MySQL)  *Tuesday August 14 2001, @01:16PM  1
Re: Upgrade to latest MySQL  *Saturday August 11 2001, @09:54AM  1
   attached to Bundle::Slash with wrong PERL MySQL Driver?
Accept-Language Header (was: TLD localization...)  *Thursday August 16 2001, @10:44AM  1
   attached to Localizing Slash
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