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XTaran (2697)

  slashcode at deuxchevaux dot org

Yet another computer science student... :-) Born 75, studying CS (major) and biology (minor) at the University of Saarland, Germany.

Journal of XTaran (2697)

Sunday August 12, 01

First bigger problems

03:03 PM

I installed the actual stable MySQL binary distribution and had problems with Bundle::Slash, more specific with DBD::mysql, which won't pass my parameters to the test scripts.

After several hours of recompiling and reinstalling, I found out, that test user, host and password for make test can only be set via $ENV{DBI_xxxx} and not (as documented) by using perl Makefile.PL --testxxxx=yyyy. Very strange, that. *kopfschüttel*

How I started to use Slash...

12:40 PM

Quite a while ago, my boss asked me to find a discussion board, which, besides the usual features (stable and no known security bugs) should fit the following requirements:

  • Selected Users should be able to start a thread.
  • All Users should be able to reply.

I looked around in the web for quite a while. The experiences I had with and similiar programs weren't that good. And HyperNews (or how was it called) seemed to be not intuitive enough (too much clickable, non-intuitive icons).

A few days ago, I realized, that a system like Slashdot is exactly, what I need. I wondered a lot, why I got this idea so late, because I know Slashdot for long and also a use regularly a few other sites based on Slash or PHP-Nuke.

That I'll prefer Slash against PHP-Nuke is no question: PHP is for nannys and mod_perl rules. ;-)