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adam (476)


I manage the Slash Motel [] ($25 a month Slash hosting), which hosts these sites:

adam (476)

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adam's Latest 24 of 44 Comments

Subject Datestamp Replies Score
Engaging and the Slash Motel  *Thursday July 19 2001, @01:58PM  2
   attached to Slash Consultants?
The Slash Motel  *Saturday June 23 2001, @06:28AM  2
   attached to Slash 2.0 Hosting?
Re:How to change the message of the day  *Saturday June 23 2001, @06:04AM  2
   attached to Collection of 'Futurama' quotes as fortune file
Send to a friend  *Thursday March 22 2001, @03:54PM  2
   attached to
Exciting idea  *Saturday March 17 2001, @04:15PM  2
   attached to User May Attach Small Poll Booths To a Post
Engaging'll do it  *Saturday March 17 2001, @06:41AM  2
   attached to Consulting For Installs Anyone?
Re:Runs ok, if you dont look too close  *Wednesday March 14 2001, @03:29AM  2
   attached to Slash Hosting Problems
Old and New Together?  *Wednesday March 07 2001, @05:16AM  2
   attached to Welcome to Bender
Limiting number of stories in section blocks  *Friday March 02 2001, @04:32AM  2, Informative
   attached to Limiting Headlines in Section Blocks
Lots of stuff here  *Friday March 02 2001, @08:22AM  1
   attached to
Re:Patched Slash  *Tuesday February 20 2001, @07:59AM  1
   attached to Posting across multiple sections?
Splitting the header ain't advisable  *Sunday February 04 2001, @07:29AM  1
   attached to problems now presenting Slash Motel  *Thursday March 08 2001, @11:20AM  2
Re:what I'd look for  *Tuesday January 30 2001, @11:39AM  1  *Friday January 26 2001, @12:55PM  1
   attached to Cheap Slash Hosting?
Wipeout, Slash2  *Wednesday April 11 2001, @10:28AM  2
There's now a FAQ about the service  *Wednesday March 07 2001, @05:26AM  2
Limitations to running a Slash site this way  *Friday December 29 2000, @06:22AM  1
Re:Telnet? FTP?  *Tuesday December 26 2000, @05:39AM  1
   attached to Slash Hosting for $25 a Month
Topics don't update  *Monday November 13 2000, @02:27AM  1
   attached to topics don't update
right column getting pushed down under  *Tuesday October 31 2000, @02:07AM  1
   attached to Troubles getting to paradise
structure for 3rd-party modules  *Wednesday October 25 2000, @06:35AM  1
   attached to First release of bender
Re:OOP should be a priority.  *Tuesday October 10 2000, @05:05AM  1
   attached to Objectifying Slashcode?
thank you for this  *Thursday September 07 2000, @02:20AM  1
   attached to
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