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aral (5526)

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Journal of aral (5526)

Friday September 12, 03

Any advanced coders out there who can customize Slash?

06:18 AM
I'm thinking of putting up a project on RentACoder for customizing Slash for pet project of mine. Would anyone here be interested? It would basically involve keeping the login/user management, comments and moderation, as well as the journals, friends, messages functionality but getting rid of the stories. (Don't balk, they'll be replaced with Something Else(tm) -- details after NDA!) The project will also involve quite a bit of work on the look and feel of the site (removing stories from Slash isn't a trivial task, I would assume.)

First day with Slash

05:31 AM
The account sign/up, creation process was painless (although the password email could have been friendlier.) I'm really very interested in the commenting/moderation feature. This private journal feature is cool too. Almost like a blog per member. Well, it is, isn't it?