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dave_aiello (52)

  (email not shown publicly)

Founder and President of Chatham Township Data Corporation []. Currently running three Slash-based web logs:
  • []
  • [], the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association Officiating Program
  • [], the Rensselaer Club of New Jersey
Lots more information about Dave in his biographical sketch [].

dave_aiello (52)

Last Journal Entry

Back After a Long Hiatus , Monday December 23 2002, @09:05PM (0 comments)

Man, I haven't posted to this journal since March? Well, I've been working steadily on new Slash-based stuff, and I may be getting close to the point where CTDATA ...

dave_aiello's Latest 24 of 36 Comments

Subject Datestamp Replies Score
Interchange Installation Highlights  *Wednesday December 18 2002, @01:18PM  2
What about Interchange?  *Tuesday December 17 2002, @12:21PM 1 2
   attached to Integrating Slash with e-commerce?
Depends on What You're Own Goals Are  *Wednesday October 02 2002, @09:56AM  1
   attached to The Ethics of Weblogging
PerlMonks Says How to Stop a CPAN Perl Upgrade  *Monday July 22 2002, @09:56AM  1
   attached to Perl 5.8.0 and Slash
Comments on porting Slash 2.x to Sybase  *Friday April 26 2002, @08:09AM  1
   attached to Sybase database for slashcode
Sell it on the basis of functionality  *Tuesday March 19 2002, @01:54PM  1
   attached to Slash and Apache for an Internal Site?
Comments on Corante Microcontent Interview  *Monday March 18 2002, @01:37PM 1 1
   attached to What is a weblog?
What do you mean?  *Thursday February 28 2002, @10:08AM 1 1
   attached to Stock Ticker for Articles?
Free docs should complement this book  *Friday February 08 2002, @11:13AM 1 1
   attached to First Impressions, "Running Weblogs with Slash"
A Feature Only Insiders Would Understand  *Thursday January 10 2002, @12:29PM 1 1
   attached to Dual Anonymous Posting
I Put a Copy on Order at  *Thursday January 10 2002, @12:22PM  1
   attached to New Slash-book from O'Reilly.
Can't find that juicy quote  *Tuesday November 13 2001, @06:42PM 1 1
   attached to Security Paper That Mentions Slash
Sorry I'm Not Up-to-Date  *Friday September 14 2001, @06:03AM  1
Emergency Mode and Value to Searchability  *Thursday September 13 2001, @06:23AM  1
   attached to Feature Idea: Emergency Mode
License Choice: Critical to Success of Plugin Arch  *Thursday August 30 2001, @04:19AM  1
   attached to Plugin License
Plastic Deserves More Support and Credit From Us  *Monday June 11 2001, @11:06AM  1
   attached to Plastic Creators Consider Selling Slash
Appeal to Your Elected Representatives  *Tuesday June 05 2001, @10:44PM  1
   attached to Student Opinion Survey Censored -- For Good
Plastic is the most outstanding new Slash site  *Friday April 27 2001, @09:16AM  1
   attached to Feedmag and Plastic
A Consulting Section Would be Helpful  *Friday March 23 2001, @09:02AM  1
   attached to Make Money Fast: Will Pay Money For Slas
Clarifying How CTDATA Does Slash Consulting  *Thursday March 22 2001, @10:20PM  1
You must be thinking of CTDATA  *Thursday March 15 2001, @06:33PM  1
   attached to Consulting For Installs Anyone? Uses Plain Text as the Default  *Sunday February 11 2001, @07:26AM  1
   attached to Feature Suggestion
VMware, Possible Solution for High Number of Sites  *Saturday January 13 2001, @07:21AM  1
   attached to Installing slashcode on a machine where each user
Work we've done on mail functions  *Saturday November 25 2000, @11:27PM  1
   attached to "Printer Friendly" and "Send to Friend" pages
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