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dolo666 (5736)

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Journal of dolo666 (5736)

Monday December 20, 04

PHP Port of Slashcode : Gemsites

02:45 PM
I had been working on a port of Slashcode to PHP. The project is called Gemsites, but a while back I had decided to change the direction to a blog suite. Now that some time has passed, I have decided that the port should be completed and offered as a branch of the Gemsites project. I am planning on creating all the features currently involved in Slashcode. Can anyone point out some features you would like to see that are not currently available in Slash?
Friday November 28, 03


05:59 PM

We are getting ready to release a trailer for our upcoming Doom 3 opensource project. This will be included on issue #2 for MTV Magazine, as our project is featured in this issue!