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dreamergrl15 (5865)

  (email not shown publicly)

Hey everyone! I'm 15 and i go to Vero Beach High School (go indians!) I wish I had something interesting to write in here but unfortunately, I Comment if u want my email addy or anything and maybe I'll talk to you later! Byebye..Luv ya all! :)

Journal of dreamergrl15 (5865)

Friday February 06, 04
11:35 AM


yay its friday!! i'm so happy, you have no clue...everything is going pretty good for me right now (except the spanish project i didnt do that due next period). most of my friends are happy so thats good too. anyways, i get to go to the mall tonight, i havent been on a friday in awhile, and then i'm going skating on saturday. no plans for sunday yet :( but maybe that'll change tonight or something. i think i'll save sunday for a movie day if i dont see one tonight. i'm listening to one of my favorite songs, like jammin out in my C class...i wanna get up and "strip/mosh" like my friend says, but i'll leave that to i'm gonna go now, i might update tonight after the mall...byebye and luv ya all
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