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It was a mess. </p><p>I actually ended up using CPAN to install Perl 5.8.0, and that seemed to fix a lot of the problems. A lot of libraries didn't work. Most notable was GD Library 1.40 and Template Toolkit. Both those would fail during make tests. </p><p>I actually ended up NOT doing make tests on them and just installing them. They seem to be working, and my slash site is up. But it was a real pain. I don't notice much speed difference though......:-( </p><p>Current config: FreeBSD 4.6 (CVS), Perl 5.8.0, Apache 1.3.26, Mod_Perl 1.27, and Mod_Gzip.</p> ericdano 2002-07-20T16:33:55+00:00 slash 1.3.24 <p>Just upgraded to the latest Apache version. Mod Perl, Apache and mod_gzip all seem to be working fine on my FreeBSD server.</p> ericdano 2002-03-22T21:16:44+00:00 apache FreeBSD 4.5 RC FreeBSD is working on their next release. I usually, every two weeks, CVSup to the latest source and rebuild my server. The last time I did it, Perl 5.6.1 was having a LOT of problems installing. I wish the BSD guys would ditch 5.003 and make 5.6.1 the default Perl.......oh well..... <p>Perl 5.6.1 was failing on the make test. After I bypassed that and make installed it, it works fine. </p><p>Also got the mod_gzip installed on Apache 1.3.23. Life is good. </p><p>On a side note, my Windows 2000 machine crapped out. Well, it was having issues with the sound card, and I needed to do some recording on it. I was getting glitches in my recordings while in Windows 2000. Windows 98 didn't seem to have that problem. So, I decided to put XP on. Nice. Very "mac" like. Stable. Actually fun. I never ever thought I'd say good things about microsoft, but........well, I like XP.</p> ericdano 2002-01-25T08:15:27+00:00 slash Slash and FreeBSD 4.5 PreRelease I cvsuped to the latested FreeBSD the other night. They still have Perl 5.003 as the default Perl install. WTF? <p>So, after CVSing, and doing the make buildworld, make installworld, you have to compile Perl 5.6.1 again. Good thing though is that you don't need to recompile the modules and stuff for slash if you've already installed Slash on the machine.</p><p>FreeBSD 4.5 seems a tad faster too. On my Dual Pentium II compiled with a dual kernel, it seems faster.....perhaps it's my imagination.......</p> ericdano 2002-01-01T22:31:56+00:00 slash Updated FreeBSD and... FreeBSD is real cool. You can use CVSUP to update your source tree. Then when you feel like it, do a cd<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/usr/src then a make world and boom. New FreeBSD system. All up to date.....etc....etc...<p>Well, there are some other things you have to do too. Especially if your running Slash on it.</p><p>First, you should rebuild the Kernel and use mergemaster. Then reboot.</p><p>Second, FreeBSD STILL defaults to installing 5.005_03 of Perl. YUCK!. You have to install Perl 5.6.1 again. Not a big deal. <a href="">Follow This</a> and you'll be fine.</p><p>Next, you have to check the Perl libraries. I always do a "perl -MCPAN -e shell" and a "install Bundle::CPAN" and then a "install Bundle::Slash" just to make sure. I suppose you could recompile everything if you wanted as well...I also usually cd to where I have the Slash source and make and make install it again to be safe.</p><p>During some of the CVSes of FreeBSD I've had to recompile Apache and Mod_Perl. Especially when they moved from 4.2 to 4.3. Having just completed a move from 4.3 to the latest Stable (which reads 4.4 pre-release). I did not have to change Apache.</p><p>I currently run a couple of Slash 2.0 sites on my Dual Pentium II 333 with 512 megs of ram and a 40 Gig hard drive. The box is ROCK SOLID. It's a great platform to run a webserver from!</p> ericdano 2001-08-12T01:15:22+00:00 bugs upgrading <p>I cvsuped to the latest version of slash 2 last week. They finally got the Perl::Indexhandler thing working. </p><p>Now, if only the Makefile on FreeBSD would work (copy -u not good on freebsd).</p> ericdano 2001-04-17T22:08:17+00:00 bugs Things are working Ok, finally received an email from Cliff on the Slash <br>devel list. Seems he doesn't have a FreeBSD or Solaris <br>machine to test the makefile with. Thats been some of <br>the problem with updating. I have to edit the Makefile, <br>delete 3 lines, change the cp flags to remove the <br>unsupported -u flag and edit the Makefile in plugins <br>as well. <br>&lt;P&gt;It's a mess, but it installs. Except I get all <br>kinds of<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.pl.bak files installed as well. <br>&lt;P&gt;Also, the simplestory theme I've been told doesn't work. <br>So why is it there?!?! I dunno........stupid me for trying <br>to install it and seeing that it didn't work. Oh well... <br>&lt;P&gt;But hey, it's free software, what do I expect? ericdano 2001-03-19T19:17:31+00:00 bugs Bender Problems I've posted to the Slash dev reply. <p> There are a couple of issues with the Bender stuff that don't seem to work with FreeBSD 4.2, like the makefile. It has an invalid cp flag in there. And the placement of the slash startup daemon didn't happen correctly. </p><p> I also wasn't able to get a SimpleStory theme happening. It errored out. Most of the Template things didn't make it into the database for some reason. I was going to post this on slash dev list, I'd get a response.........</p> ericdano 2001-03-18T03:36:41+00:00 bugs FreeBSD 4.3 &amp; Slash 1.0.9 Seems that the FreeBSD geeks are almost done with the latest release of FreeBSD. Using the CVSUP utility gets you 4.3 RC. I installed it over the weekend, and Slash didn't work right. Seems they changed the libraries around that Perl calls to, so I'd have to recompile all the Perl libraries. Spent about an hour sunday morning with it, and decided to restore off of the week before's backup. <p>Hopefully BENDER will be done soon (yeah, right, sure...whatEver) and I can migrate everything to it. I think the problem is that the documentation on how to get everything over is still sketchy. Maybe if Krow stopped doing yardwork the docs would be in better shape........</p> ericdano 2001-03-08T20:43:53+00:00 bugs Waiting Still waiting for the Slashcode geeks to get their code together so I can redo my sites. A little nervous, but that are what backups are for....... ericdano 2001-03-08T18:53:57+00:00 bugs