froomkin's Journal froomkin's Slashcode Journal en-us Copyright 2004, OSTG - Open Source Technology Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2012-01-25T04:40:20+00:00 Me Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 froomkin's Journal Bugs &amp; Patches Submitted two bug reports (one updated with a patch), a patch, and an enhancement request to Project:Slash at <ul> <li>Bug: <a href=";aid=549367&amp;group_id=4421&amp;atid=104421">Comment deleter can't count</a>;</li><li>Bug: <a href=";aid=548881&amp;group_id=4421&amp;atid=104421"> discussion_create_seclev ineffective</a>, (with a suggested patch added as a comment later)</li><li>Patch: A partial fix to the fancybox problem: <a href=";aid=550665&amp;group_id=4421&amp;atid=304421">Fancybox width problem, partial fix</a>. I would have written a solution to the whole problem, but I haven't found the bit of 'learning perl' which tells you how to round a number to an integer, and I'm afraid to try fancyboxes that are the result of (the lesser of 20 and dividing constant.fancyboxwidth by 10)</li><li>An enhancement request: <a href=";aid=552148&amp;group_id=4421&amp;atid=354421">Better handling of fonts</a></li> </ul><p> It would be nice to see some of this in the next version. It's not often that law professors get to contribute even trivial code to software projects...</p> froomkin 2002-05-10T19:24:41+00:00 bugs Configuration problems, wishes The slash site is now up and running, thanks to the expert work of professional hosting by Openflows. But I have to configure it myself. (I will leave it un-named, as it's for a defined community and will soon be behind some privacy walls.) <p> So far I have run into a few things I can't figure out.</p><p> 1. I set set variable discussion_create_seclev to 50, but a user with a seclev of one can create a discussion. Is this function known to be broken? If so, what would it take to un-break it? </p><p> 2. I have created sections without any trouble, but even though I've spent some time looking at the templates, I can't figure out what to change to make the center column extend to the right margin (i.e. no blocks) for one of my text-rich sections.</p><p> 3. In the articles section I shrank the blocks in the right margin [why are they blocks on the right, but not the left, oh nevermind], using the variable for fancybox width. Try as I might, though, I can't get the gutter between the columns on either side if the center column to be equal. The one on the right is always bigger. Minor, but frustrating. </p><p> I'm also developing a wish list. </p><p> 4. I wish the Slash book had more basic formatting info, and an even better index. For example, the organization templates are not updating in the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.shtml, and it took me a very long time to figure out that this was the problem; there wasn't much of a hint in the source code of that file as to where it was getting its data. </p><p> 5. Another example: I just spent a real long time working out how to change the links footer (the links to functions below the motd) to remove "polls" [we won't have them except maybe as attached to stories]. This was unduly hard because the HTML source isn't well commented -- the bottom third of it doesn't actually tell you what templates are operating here. So wish #2 is that *every* template had a comment not just some of them.</p><p> 6. I don't understand themes at all, but since I don't have any...</p><p> 7. I wish I had better information about what happens to my various template mods if/when slash upgrades. I've been keeping fairly decent notes, mostly in the comment boxes of the templates, but still...makes you nervous. I kinda get the feeling they vanish?</p><p> 8. I wish that box for editors to comment on stories among themselves could be made bigger. This tiny one is hard to use when many editors will be non-technical and nervous.</p><p> 9. I <b> <i>really</i> </b> wish there was some way to integrate access control with the slash database. Because I can't code it myself, and the budget for help is skimpy, we're going to go with some kind of htaccess controll, which will mean a double log in for users at home (outside a defined IP range). Not real friendly.</p><p> 10. Most of all, I think any future edition of the slash book should have a full appendix setting out the <i>template</i> logic: what order what appears out of the box. I'm prepared to work all this out myself, even with the handicap of erratic commenting (see # 5 above), but if I buy the book which is supposed to hold my hand... </p><p> Not that I want to sound too ungrateful. It's a wonderful program, very powerful, the book is indeed useful, and I look forward to using slash and maybe building a community with it. After I finish pulling out my hair.</p> froomkin 2002-04-25T17:57:24+00:00 slash