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mercedo (7294)

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This 'Journal of mercedo' is totally dedicated to one woman whom I met with in Trecca, Kyoto, Japan on the 23rd of December, 1986 for the first time and probably the last time in our life. We will never see one another again, but my journal entry will continue till I receive a reply from her that'll never be likely to occur. She came into pieces and shining in the sky, and not in the least existing in my mind. I can see her smiling at me. Don't worry, she had just got married to another guy.

Born in Kokura, south-west Japan, 1961, I raised up as a most prosperous guy who'd always been located in second to none in all school I attended, now I started my trek to see her again till the end of time, waiting your reply.

I published my first novel 'The Eve' in 1978, now those who noticed who I am, please keep secret. For the moment I would like to enjoy being anonymous.

My trek continues...

Journal of mercedo (7294)

Tuesday December 20, 2005
01:26 PM

Global Warming, Regional Cooling, Nuclear Winter

The current regional cooling here in Japan has little to do with nuclear winter. But probably it has much to do with global warming. The overcomsumption of fossil fuel comes up with lots of carbon dioxide and that forms a strata in upper atmosphere eventually causes a greenhouse effect. For this effect, lots of evaporation occurs in tropical or subtropical sea and makes thick clouds then moves to the Arctic region. Current very cold sytem is thought to be directly from the Arctic region. Thus global warming incurs regional cooling.

Nuclear explosions form layers of thick ash and dust which prevent sun radiation from reaching the ground so consequently major nuclear explosions induce nuclear winter -mini Ice Age. The enforcement of nuclear arms would be the most effective preventative measure of global warming. this is a mere exaggeration based on a sheer misconception, though, I feel really chilly.

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