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n8 (964)


My main slash site these days is [], though there are others in the works.

n8 (964)

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cough, cough. , Monday February 06, @09:17PM (0 comments)

snort, snuffle, honk!

I hate sinus infections. ...

n8's Latest 24 of 45 Comments

Subject Datestamp Replies Score
check the templates  *Thursday July 19 2001, @01:53PM  1
   attached to Slash Site Colors and User IDs
we do it too  *Thursday July 19 2001, @12:44PM  1
   attached to Slash Consultants?
alter the default in the users_prefs table  *Thursday July 19 2001, @01:02PM  1
   attached to Default Timezone ?
Re:Progress so far  *Thursday July 19 2001, @01:12PM  1
   attached to Slash for Newspapers?
Re:Bug?  *Wednesday July 11 2001, @11:44AM  1
   attached to Problems With Search Engines and Slash 2.0?
is slashd running?  *Monday July 02 2001, @12:15PM  1
   attached to RDF and auto-updates
dept field off now?  *Wednesday June 27 2001, @04:48PM  1
check 'em nightly  *Wednesday June 27 2001, @01:42PM  1
   attached to New YASS System
where to setStory/setUser?  *Tuesday June 19 2001, @01:52PM  1
   attached to Adding Elements to Users and Stories
use  *Wednesday June 20 2001, @02:43PM  1
   attached to A Box For Latest Comments
try a span in the fancybox template  *Friday June 15 2001, @03:03PM  1
   attached to Alternate Link Color Style on slashboxes
Re:Author flag (user is an author)  *Friday June 08 2001, @11:59AM  1
   attached to Creating Authors?
got it working too  *Friday June 08 2001, @12:13PM  1
Not so  *Tuesday June 05 2001, @06:58PM  1
   attached to Universal User Hack
Re:here's an icon!  *Wednesday June 06 2001, @03:12PM  1
Re:here's an icon!  *Wednesday June 06 2001, @03:10PM  1
here's an icon!  *Tuesday June 05 2001, @12:08PM  1
   attached to Tips & Tricks topic?
use \Uinclude\E template directive?  *Thursday May 31 2001, @12:21PM  1
   attached to Blocks Showing in Certain Sections (plural)?
got one for slash 1.x, again  *Tuesday May 29 2001, @01:20PM  1
   attached to Links Plugin?
Re:got one for slash 1.x  *Tuesday May 29 2001, @01:22PM  1
got one for slash 1.x  *Tuesday May 29 2001, @12:45PM  1
   attached to Story Submission Notification?
Re:A patch was sent out for it  *Friday May 25 2001, @12:10PM  1
   attached to ACLs in Slash Status?
especially look at these templates:  *Tuesday May 22 2001, @08:03PM  1
   attached to Slashcode Changes?
lotsa mac users here eh?  *Tuesday May 22 2001, @07:50PM  2, Informative
   attached to Running Slash on a PowerPC ?
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