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robd (1906)

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A Professional Computer Security Consultant, Linux Guru, and Cheif of Security/Admin for Digitally Inclined Networks; aka The Penguin Pimp

robd (1906)

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robd's Comments

Subject Datestamp Replies Score
Re:Change the header;misc;default  *Thursday May 24 2001, @11:16AM  1
   attached to Slashcode Changes?
Slash on PPC  *Monday May 21 2001, @03:06PM  1
   attached to Running Slash on a PowerPC ?  *Sunday May 20 2001, @03:18AM  1
   attached to New Code in Action?
Re:The Linux Gay Conspiracy?!  *Thursday May 17 2001, @04:27AM  0, Normal
   attached to Running Multiple mysqld
Re:Try counting again...  *Monday May 07 2001, @06:52AM  1
   attached to Older Stories Oversized?
Re:Make a special site section  *Monday May 07 2001, @06:57AM  2
   attached to Deleting Stories From Homepage
Aqua Theme  *Friday March 30 2001, @03:57PM  1
   attached to Slashcode on MacOS X
An Idea  *Monday March 26 2001, @04:31PM  1
   attached to Slashcode under Win32
Advertisements! How do I...  *Saturday March 24 2001, @04:51AM  1
   attached to
Re:Edit  *Saturday March 10 2001, @03:36AM  1
Edit  *Wednesday March 07 2001, @12:40PM  1
   attached to Menus!
Re:You mean you just discovered that?  *Sunday March 04 2001, @10:22PM  1
Re:First thing to check...  *Sunday March 04 2001, @10:20PM  1
   attached to Slash 1.0.9 Problems
Apache 1.3.17 Mod_Perl 1.25 version  *Sunday March 04 2001, @10:24PM  1
   attached to 'If you are using Bender and have installed Apache 1.3.17 and mod_perl 1.25 as a DSO, does it work?'
Probably off topic  *Saturday February 24 2001, @11:00PM  1
   attached to All-In-One User block
Another "side-bar"  *Sunday February 11 2001, @04:03AM  1
   attached to La Città Invisibile, Italian Slash site
Your Fix  *Sunday February 11 2001, @04:07AM  1
   attached to
How would you remove by force?  *Wednesday January 31 2001, @12:58AM  1
   attached to More Info About Poll Management?
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