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snuffub (1713)

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Journal of snuffub (1713)

Thursday May 24, 01

First attempt

10:51 PM
I have little to no clue what this journal thing is about so im just going to keep track of my efforts to get a slash site running on a box of mine and maybe some day someone will read it and find it helpful :)

Ok im using a PII 266 w/ 64MB of ram as a test system for a site i hope will go public soon enough. that amount of ram is probably way too skimpy but im too cheap to pay for any more and since the box will most likely never get two simultanious hits it should be fine.

Im using red hat 7.1 I tried with redhat 6.2 a while back but i had a hell of a time getting it to recognize my ethernet card so I moved to 7.1 which supports it out of the box so to speak.

As you can probably tell Im no linux expert so this instalation thing might be a little nerve wracking.

OK so here we go
step one: Install mysql and set it up... ok install not a problem i used the standard rpms from the mysql web site.
set up a database.... ok after a little poking around i set up a database called slashcode.
create a username/password that can access that database... This is problem number one. does this mean i should create a login which has access to this database? if not is there some kind of special mysql user settings i dont know about? I have no clue so for lack of anything better to do im going to assume this is my login and password and move on.

step two:
install perl. already done. nice.

step three:
building apache and mod perl. this went suprisingly well. my only question was where i should install apache I guessed that it should go in /usr/sbin. No errors while doing any of this.

step four:
uh oh this is where i run into trouble. The perl version i have is 5.6.1 built for i686-linux. from the cpan shell i tried installing Bundle::Slash but some of the files wouldnt install. I tried downloading and installing the Bundle without cpan but had no luck. oh well ill post the error and more information next time