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Journal of tf23 (175)

Monday December 23, 02

upgrading to R_2_3_0_62 slash

07:48 AM

Yesterday I spent many hours upgrading a slash site (one of 4) to the latest R tag in
I think the whole process, beginning, to what we'll call the end, took about 5 or 6 hours.

The site is 99% functional.

I took notes throughout the whole process. I will post a story on one of my sites about it, w/ the notes, probably by next weekend. (It's the holidays, I've gotta get drunk and stuff myself numerous times over the course of the next few days).

So in the mean time, I thought I'd put up some of the errors I'd encountered.

I upgraded from CVS fry to CVS R_2_3_0_62.

I used the sql/mysql/upgrades file.

Some of the problems I had with it were (w/ the line from the upgrades file copied underneath the error):

ERROR 1062 at line 338: Duplicate entry '' for key 2
ALTER TABLE submissions ADD UNIQUE story_signature(signature);
ERROR 1091 at line 377: Can't DROP 'feature_story'. Check that column/key exists
#ALTER TABLE sections DROP feature_story;
ERROR 1062 at line 379: Duplicate entry '10' for key 1
INSERT INTO message_codes (code, type, seclev, modes) VALUES (10, 'Daily Site Stats', 100, 0);
ERROR 1062 at line 537: Duplicate entry 'displaycodes_sec--1' for key 2
INSERT INTO code_param (type, code, name) VALUES ('displaycodes_sectional', -1,'Don't Display');
INSERT INTO code_param (type, code, name) VALUES ('displaycodes_sectional', -1,'Don't Display');
ERROR 1062 at line 557: Duplicate entry 'cookiesecure' for key 1
INSERT INTO vars (name, value, description) VALUES ('cookiesecure','1','Set the secure flag in cookies if SSL is on?');
ERROR 1068 at line 683: Multiple primary key defined

after I did that, I had written up a few sql statements that needed to be run (basically change all the vars from to, etc), change writestatus, etc.

then i ran install-plugin to install the new plugins that I wanted on the site.

then I found out there were some scripts I needed to run: ./plugins/Zoo/rebuildPeople -u testbj ./utils/dst-update.plx testbj ./utils/colors-update.plx testbj

after all the time spent on this, I didn't give a crap how it looked. all I was going for last nite was functionality. I can fix cosmetics later.
So I blew away any customizations I had in the templats for the site's theme:

cd themes/slashcode/templates
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../../
cd plugins/Admin/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/PollBooth/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Submit/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Sections/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Zoo/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Journal/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Hof/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/PubKey/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Search/templates/
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..
cd plugins/Messages/templates
template-tool -u testbj -s *
cd ../../..

then I imported my last postupgrade.sql file, and ran:

runtask -u testbj
runtask -u testbj
runtask -u testbj

the site works. one thing I haven't figured out:

Can't locate object method "getSectionTitle" via package "Slash::DB::MySQL"

and Failed template lookup on ';portald[misc];index[default]'

I grepped for the template. I did a find. I looked through

No luck. Anyone have it?

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  • the 'getSectionTitle' error was caused by my theme for this site. it had included / it was symlinked back to my theme.

    however, that really needed to be symlinked to plugins/Sections/

    so I created the symlink, and load the Section plugin's templates, restarted apache, ahd it works.

    lottadot []